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Anuradha Hr
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Untitled Arts Foundation
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Untitled Arts Foundation is a not for profit organisation aimed at brings the Arts closer to community. Among various initiatives of ours few are as follows 1. Weekly theatre workshops for children. it helps them become confident, improve their communication skills, lose stage fear and shape their personalities to become better social beings. 2. Summer & winter collaborative arts workshops 3. Family art labs - One off workshops in The Arts (all art forms) for the whole family. The whole family experiences an art workshop together and make a piece of art together as a family as a take away.

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We are starting weekend theatre workshops at Kavade attic sheshadripuram, and Space untitled JP Nagar, Bangalore........ all those who want to enroll their children please do send a mail to

We have launched a crowdfunding campaign on Ketto for a collaborative arts workshop for the children of Lohit District, Arunachal Pradesh in association with Uncle Moosa's Apne library......................

Please Please contribute and spread the word to support the initiative and help us start on this journey of placing the arts...(more)

A collaborative arts summer workshop for kids. Please join!

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