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Meera Nair
17 d  Palakkad  #Ask Question
Does Anyone Have This Saree?

Shajrin, Nagercoil 
U not need??
11 d

Afra, Thanjavur 
3 h

Nyana Hegde
7 M  Bangalore  #Ask Question
where can I rate the page LocalQueen?

Radha, Bangalore 
You can't Rate it I hope
6 h

Anushka Shetty
8 d  Mumbai  #Ask Question
I want to buy selfie Kurtis, please ping

V's, Delhi 
Hi I have in a good rates msg
5 d

Farha, Kolkata 
Hello i hve ping me
7 h

10 h  Kurukshetra  #Ask Question
Anyone have this?

Radha, Bangalore 
Hi...I have
9 h

Shabana J
1 d  Chennai  #Ask Question
My Shop (110)
Any one has Rajguru brand sarees?

Kataria, Chennai 
Hi. we have rajguru brand saree. pls whatsapp +
10 h

10 h  Kurukshetra  #Ask Question
Does Anyone have this?

Does Anyone Has This in XXL Size?

Ketki, Delhi 
Rest alll selfies I hv at best rates
3 d

Nisha, Rupnagar 
Price please
1 d

Hiral Mehta
3 d  Mumbai  #Ask Question
Does any one have jewellery box, dryfruit box

Jazz Lakhani
1 d  Hyderabad  #Ask Question
My Shop (54)
Hi friends, needs ur help I wants to know about online bussiness ,tax etc bank transfer etc see business karte hai toh tax ke bare me and all complete details needed if anyone can help me please explain. wants to grow my business. ......

Anushri Gupta
20 d  Patna  #Ask Question
Any one With Cash on Delivery?

Rex, Mumbai
4 d

Nisha, Rupnagar 
1 d