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An empty bottle made of glass that looks narrow by its throat but beautifully curves down towards its wide base is very fascinatingly turned out into an exclusive show piece. This is a transparent bottle which is plain and shiny by its texture. By the use of various attention-grabbing raw materials like attractive laces, glittering stones, shining flowers and leaves, twinkling lights and colourful paints this plain bottle is transformed into a sole, hand-made valuable craft piece. The bottle is initially coated with white paint as the base coat. The narrow throat of the bottle is decorated with shining stones in a random design. To give it a final touch and make it more attractive at night, the colourful twinkling lights are stuffed into the bottle and plugged to the electric board. Turn on the lights now and you will see how stunningly a bare glass bottle has converted to a...(more)

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Pragathi Srinivas
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I'm looking for a woman based NGO, for internship. Leads will help. Pls call on

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