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I cater homemade fresh healthy tasty frozen foods (ready to cook meals) n also take customized small party orders of ready to eat foods ie: starters gravies rice dishes etc. My food s purely homemade made by using good quality ingredients oil n without any additives n preservatives made in a clean homely atmosphere. My frozen starters r just ready for u to fry n eat it fresh n hot as n when required. Do try it once n Insha Allah u will like it.

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Hi all. I'm Shaheen n I run a small catering business from the vicinity of my home. I cater mostly in frozen starters both veg n nonveg n also take customised orders of gravies n biryanis n rice dishes. Anyone interested can call me or watsup me .

Hello friends, I want to connect with queens from Mumbai. If you're from Mumbai, please connect with me.

Shubha, Mumbai 
I am from Mumbai
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Assalamalaikum. I'm Shaheen. I run a small catering business from my home of frozen foods and also cater orders to small parties. Please connect with me if you're interested in my food products. Thanks.

Hi I'm Shaheen. I run a small catering business from d vicinity of my home mostly of frozen foods n also ready to eat meals.I provide healthy tasty n freshly made food made from using good quality oil n ingredients. No additives or preservatives used. Made in a clean...(more)

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