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Sruti Venkatesh
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Wellness Herbal hot/cold packs These herbal packs are just what you need after a workout or a long day at work or play. Replace your leaky hot water bottle & oozing gel packs! Heat these packs in the microwave and pamper yourself with the soothing heat therapy and fantastic herbal fragrances. Chill them in the freezer & feel the gentle cold that won't alarm you like Ice packs. Need a remedy for stress? Try one of our microwavable hot packs. Just heat for two minutes in the microwave and let the herbal heat pack do its magic. The warmth of the microwavable herb pack will relax tense muscles and soothe tired aching joints. The aroma of the herbal pack will calm the mind and spirit.  Nature's Safe Alternative To A gel Heating Pad or Ice Pack.

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